The single most powerful variable in student achievement is the quality of instruction. Theory and techniques for developing and implementing balanced literacy instruction PK - 12 will be presented. This course is designed to help every educator become a best practice teacher of literacy drawing from current scientific research, professional consensus, and innovative classrooms that permeates all components of balanced literacy. 

The focus of this course is the development of strategic reading skills in students grades K-12, highlighting reading for learning from both narrative and expository texts.  Emphasis will be placed on the research-based best practices and brain-compatible teaching models.  Textbooks, trade books, and technology will be evaluated to support student attitudes, understanding, and retention across the curriculum.

The development of lifelong reading habits and an appreciation of all genres of literature will be the focus of this course.  Students will explore the use of literature across the curriculum and trade levels K-12.  The use of literature to enhance reading skills and practice as well as to provide and appreciation for diversity will be examined.